Welcome to A little bit in love

Would you love to find out who your classmates, friends, colleagues or even your partner is in love with? Then look no further, we can help you to fool your friends, but also help you to find out who they love.


How does a little bit in love work?

It's fairly simple: Register with us by visiting the JOIN page, after which you will receive a personalised link which you can e-mail or share on your Facebook page, twitter account, etc. And by means of this personalised link you can find out who your (boy) friend, colleague, partner, teacher, or even mother in law is in love with. When they click on the link they will have to fill in their own name and three others who they love. Of course they have no idea that anyone will be reading their list. but you will. Once they have filled in the form you can log in to our website and find out their loved ones. Cheeky huh!?